I am currently based out of Minneapolis, MN and I have a Bachelors of Fine Art Photography from The Art Institutes International Minnesota.

I became interested in action sports at a young age. In addition to playing sports, I loved flipping through piles of snowboarding and skating magazines. My favorite aspects of these magazines were the pictures and how they depicted each athlete’s life. After realizing that I loved photography more than actually participating in these sports, I turned my attention to photography, documenting people who I knew were involved with action sports.

The thing that I love most about my photography is the process. I strive to capture moments in time that happen so quickly that the human eye cannot see them. There are many emotions that are carried within all athletes. An action sports athlete’s lifestyle is filled with ups and downs and as a photographer my ultimate goal is to capture these ups and downs that are normally not seen by the everyday person. I view myself as a documentary photographer who captures the lifestyles of these athletes, while using a unique style of lighting and composition.